N90 RF reception could be better

I have been trying to use the Nokia N90 as my primary device, but the RF reception is forcing me to keep going back to the Treo 650. The Nokia 7610 that I have has RF reception comparable to the Treo 650, but the Treo 650 is still the best I have ever experienced in a mobile device. I know the signal bars are not always the best indication of signal strength, but on the Treo I generally see 3 bars (sometimes 2) at my house and am lucky to get one bar on the Nokia N90. I am unable to sync my SplashBlog account, surf with Opera, check email, or make calls most of the time from my house. I also find the RF strength poor in the weaker zones when I am out and about. I am using T-Mobile in the Puget Sound, Washington area and all the devices I am testing are unlocked. I would be interested in hearing what others are finding with the RF strength in the N90. I personally am disappointed since I am used to good signal strength with the Nokia 3650 and 7610.

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