Trying to get N90 videocasting up and running for Mobius 2005

I now have some directions on how to get videocasts recorded and posted using the N90 and am just waiting to find out why my QuickTime Pro license will not work on my Tablet PC installation. Once I get the technical issues worked out I plan on trying to do some videocasting and home I can start by documenting the Mobius 2005 event that I will be attending starting tomorrow night.

I am very excited about the event, primarily to see old friends and make new ones. I will get a chance to hang with Joel Evans, the Chief Geek, for only the second time in the 4 years I have been working with Joel. I know there will be a couple new faces in the crowd and I am looking forward to seeing what Microsoft has in store for the future of mobile devices. I am going to personally be using my Palm Treo 650 and Nokia N90 for most of the event and will be interested to see if Microsoft has anything that can knock the Treo 650 from my hands. I hope we get a glimpse of the Treo 700w and if Peter Rojas, from Engadget, has his then I want to see how well it stacks up with the 650. There is also going to be an Engadget Reader Meetup in Seattle on Thursday night that I am going to try to attend since I have a blast hanging with mobile enthusiasts.

I’ll be writing up a report with Joel for, but also plan on posting more personal thoughts on the event here on my blog. Stay tuned for some photos and hopefully video of the event proceedings as well.

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