Arrived at the Mobius 2005 venue

I was lucky enough to be invited back to Mobius this year and it is being held at The Edgewater on the waterfront in Seattle, Washington. I was swamped at work today trying to come up with a technical plan to flip an upside-down oil barge back over, but that is another story I may detail later. I also want to let you know up front that Microsoft is paying for my hotel room and food during the event and that I may get a goodie or two as well. I offered to drive the 60 miles each way to the event, but they said I should stay here with everyone else since a reason for the event is to get to know people better and I happily accepted. Some people may consider the food, lodging, possible gifts “bribes”, but anyone who knows me also knows that my opinions, reviews, etc. do not rely on the generosity of the provider. Shoot, I am going to blog and capture most of the event on the N90 review unit I am testing out and my primary device is a Palm Treo 650. Granted I really do like Windows Mobile devices too, but that is just because I am a gadget geek.

Anyway, I arrived at The Edgewater around 2:30 pm and started right away with photo blogging from the N90 I am checking out, as you can see from the many previous posts. This baby has been performing very well today and I captured a few shots of the hotel room and the late lunch I just ate. One of the first attendees was my friend and boss from, Joel Evans. He took me out to sushi at Cutters restaurant with a nice view of Puget Sound. We then walked back to the Edgewater and are waiting for the kickoff meet and greet event here.

Joel also showed my the Nokia 9300 Communicator and I have to say it is smaller than I anticipated and also the display looks awesome. I may have to keep my eye out for the 9300i with WiFi as a possible future device.

I know that Julie and Judie from The Gadgeteer, Ed Hardy from Brighthand, Clinton Fitch from, and Brandon Miniman from are all here due to some Google searches and bumping into people in cyberspace. I can’t wait to meet everyone, especially those I have only chatted with online. I was a bit sad to see that Rafe Blandford from All About Symbian won’t be making it this year because I really wanted to chat about the N90 and tons of other cool Symbian based devices being released.

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