Can't find my digital camera, N90 will have to step up to the plate

I planned on bringing my Pentax Optio 3.2 megapixel camera to Mobius to capture the moments, but it now looks like I must have left it somewhere at home by accident. As a result the N90 will have to step up to the plate and serve as the only photo documentation of the event. So far it has done pretty well, except the flash has about a 4 foot acceptable range so I won’t be taking far away shots in the dark. Luckily, most of the event occurs in a conference room with plenty of lighting.

By the way, I heard a rumor that we may get to see a Treo 770w (Windows Mobile version) in action and I hope to be able to see if this will be an upgrade for my Treo 650 or if I am sticking with the 650.

I did some tweaking, playing, and installing on the i-mate SP5m (HTC Tornado) last night (some thoughts will be going up on today) and have to say this is quite an impressive Smartphone device. The camera still looks to be quite poor and this seems to be an area that HTC just isn’t focusing on improving.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the decor at the meet and greet last night. There were LOTS of older mobile devices laying out for us to mess with and even some newer ones like the HTC Universal and HP iPAQ 6515.

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