Nokia N90 was quite popular at Engadget Reader Meetup

As you know I spent the last couple of days at the Mobius 2005 event in Seattle (my full report will be on today and I’ll post a link here to it) and have been capturing the moments with the Nokia N90 device. I also went to the excellent Engadget Reader Meetup last night for about an hour. I ended up spending about half of my time there showing off the Nokia N90 device as people were quite impressed with it. When I put it in imaging mode and was taking shots people kept coming up to me and trying it out. I showed them the camera features and the smartphone features with Series 60. They liked the solid feel and the different modes; closed with camera barrel turned, imaging mode, and open phone mode. I captured some video of the event with the N90 and will post that a bit later here as well.

The N90 did very well in the poor lighting at the Engadget event when I switched it to night mode and I have to honestly admit that I have been carrying the device more lately due to the excellent camera. With such a good camera on the phone I haven’t been carrying my digital camera, yet have still been able to capture good shots and video. I do miss calls due to lack of vibration, but the rest of the functions have allowed me to keep working how I did with the Treo 650. I enjoy surfing with Opera and it allows me to get full access to my Gmail account. The phone works very well and call quality is excellent, with a loud speakerphone too.

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