Listening to podcasts on Bluetooth headsets

On the way to and from work I enjoy listening to podcasts with my Bluetooth headset. Although the headsets I have are mono only this is adequate for podcasts and the convenience is worth it. I am using the Nokia N90 to listen to the Mobile Tech Roundup right now and also used the HTC Wizard in the past. Unfortunately, there is no way to do this with the Treo 650. I also tried to use the HTC Tornado this morning to listen to tunes and I can’t figure out a way to keep the audio gateway open so it does not work either. I found a small utility, but it did not work on this device and may not be compatible with Windows Mobile 5.0.

None of the devices I have support the A2DP profile yet so I can’t use the Bluetake iPHONO headset I am evaluating with my Tablet PC. Microsoft is supposed to be providing an update to A2DP in early 2006 for Windows Mobile 5.0 devices so that will be great to have on the i-mate SP5m and listen to music on the 1GB miniSD card I have. Unfortunately, the SP5m uses USB 1.1 and the dang card is under the battery. How can a device with these two features be promoted as a music phone?

I am still using the Nokia N90 quite a bit and it actually pleased my wife this weekend when her digital camera battery died and she wanted to take more photos at a Christmas party we were at. I pulled out the N90 and took photos and video for her and they turned out ok. The i-mate SP5m has a poor camera, like all HTC devices except for the Treo 650. How can HTC have the Treo 650 with an excellent VGA (640×480) camera and then create junky 1.3 megapixel cameras on Windows Mobile devices. I would love to see a Nokia N90 quality camera on a Windows Mobile device.

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