Considering the iPod Video

I am quite a fan of Lost now and have 6 episodes left (out of 24) to finish watching season 1 that we have been getting from I then would like to move onto watching season 2 and it looks like the best way is to buy and download the $1.99 iTunes version. I also just found out about The Office when Joel was out here and thought it was quite funny as well. I just bought the first show of The Office to test out the DRM in iTunes TV shows and discovered I can only watch it on my computer and on an iPod Video. I am unable to export it from QuickTime Pro and thus cannot use a PSP or other mobile device to watch it. I understand and have recorded TV shows into a format I can watch, i.e. AVI, but what can you do when a show has already been played on the TV and the DVD is not yet available?

I am considering whether or not to sell a device or two and purchase an iPod Video so I can watch TV shows, listen to music and podcasts, and watch videocasts (some of which I plan on making for fun with the Nokia N90). I saw an iPod Video at Mobius (Lisa Gade had one) and it was beautiful! Apple sure knows how to make a nice piece of hardware and knows how to reel in the consumer. I currently watch videos and listen to podcasts on my PSP, Treo 650, Dell Axim X50v, i-mate SP5m, and a Nokia N90, but they all require external storage cards and manual transfer or encoding of video and music. It would be pretty sweet to have several shows and all my podcasts on a single 30 or 60GB drive and also have it pocketable.

  1. #1 by Stillrockin on December 13, 2005 - 10:42

    You have touched upon something that bothers me some . . . Apple releases this stuff for a reasonable price, but once you have it, you are kind of locked into Apple hardware. I find this not exactly fair. Once I have purchased this “product” I should be able to play it across multiple devices, and not just the ones that apple produces. . . I know there has to be limits because of pirating issues, but to me the end user, I resent the fact, that if I want to listen to music/movies that I download from itunes, I am locked into Apple devices somewhat to view/listen to them in . . .

    While I am here, Mobius looked like a blast! It looks like you guys had a great time!

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