TORQ P120 on the way, T-Mobile and 850 MHz band

Well, the HTC Wizard I was testing out is now on its way back to the supplier today so I no longer have a Phone Edition device to compare or test. I am receiving a TORQ P120 to review this week and would probably buy the device if it had EDGE support. I do look forward to testing it out though since the last TORQ I tested (see my review) was an AWESOME device! The P120 adds WM 5.0, integrated WiFi, and a cool black color.

I posted a news blurb today on regarding T-Mobile’s 850 MHz expansion and wonder if this is the reason I get such an amazing signal at my house now with the Treo 650 and HTC Tornado (i-mate SP5m) with such a weak signal on the Nokia N90. If so then the N90 may actually have decent reception in areas where 1900 MHz is well covered. I do know the N90 is not for Cingular customers since it does not have quad band radio support and lacks the 850 band.

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