Mobilcast streams podcasts to your N90 device

I just ordered a 1GB MMC Mobile card to use with the Nokia N90, future N70, and other devices since I am finding the 64MB included card too small for taking photos and video while storing podcasts on it. As I posted in an earlier blog post I use my Bluetooth headset with the N90 to listen to podcasts and with the 64MB card I can only put a couple podcasts on it after using a card adapter or via the USB cable to transfer the files over. I was just reading the Nokia N90 Blogger Relations blog and found a link to an application called Mobilcast that allows you to download or stream podcasts to your device. It also serves as a podcast aggregator/guide so you can browse and find podcasts to listen to, although I don’t think you can subscribe to them. I filled out the form and had the SMS sent to the N90, but after following the link I was informed that my device doesn’t support Mobilcast. After browsing their forums though I found you can go to and then select a version to install. I installed the Symbian 2.0 version and have it working like a charm on the N90. I am trying out the streaming functionality now since I have unlimited T-Mobile EDGE service and so far the sound quality is fine through my mono Bluetooth headset. Most podcasts I listen to average around 20MB in size so you will need an unlimited data plan to really use the software.

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