Where does the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet fit into the mobile world?

I posted a short Geek.com blurb on the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet device and then read through some of the Internet Tablet Talk website regarding this device. The 770 is available now at my local CompUSA for around $380 and I am intrigued a bit by this device. I am trying to find a Nokia contact who can send a review sample for me to evaluate for a bit for Geek.com because I am wondering how well this could work with the N90, Treo 650, or WM Smartphone. I am thinking the Nokia 770 could be used for more extensive browsing with the included Opera browser and for watching video content. I haven’t been carrying a stand alone PDA much in the past couple years and think the 770 could fill the void where a Smartphone display is a bit too small for surfing and video. If a Think Outside Bluetooth keyboard would work with the device then it could really serve a useful function as an on-the-go word processor and internet browser coupled with a smaller Smartphone.

The 770 OS is based on Linux so it could be quite interesting seeing what the developer community comes up in the future. I think I need to stop by CompUSA to check this out and will have to leave my credit card at home to avoid the temptation to make the purchase until I get a chance to see how it can fit in my mobile world.

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