Happy New Year! I'm ready for a new start.

Happy New Year everyone! The title of our church sermon on Sunday was “The New Start” and the passage we studied was Philippians 3:13-14. The sermon dealt with forgetting the things which are behind us and foreseeing those things which are before us. I have to confess that I have been a very lazy Christian the last few months and have not spent a good deal of time in the Word or in prayer and was pleased to hear this sermon. I will honestly apply the principles from the sermon and will start 2006 fresh with a vow to devote more time and energy on growing in my Christian life. The Bible is an amazing resource and I look forward to getting into it more this year. I will be using my devices to help me with this goal since I always have one with me and will be loading up the Bible on all of them before I take my first business trip of the year on Wednesday.

I have two major projects at work that I am managing and without the Lord there to support and guide me, I am actually a bit fearful of the magnitude of the projects. They both require lots of travel over the next six months with lots of work in between the trips. The clients are important to our company and without the comfort and confidence I gain by being close to the Lord, I don’t think I could complete them with the best results.

I’ll try to keep posting regularly here on my blog, but also may be adding more thoughts and experiences from my walk with Jesus.

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