Just returned from California, after my Alaska trip

The day after I returned from Ketchikan I headed out to the Moss Landing/Monterey Bay, California area to conduct a stability test on an oceanographic research vessel. The weather was beautiful with temperatures in the upper 60s and lower 70s, sun with no wind, not a cloud in the sky and it was just perfect. Our stability test went well and the time flew by as we headed home after just 2 days. I am actually in the office for 3 days the rest of the week and then head on up to Ketchikan again for more AMHS ferry surveys. After that I head to Disney World with the family and then go to Virginia the day after I return from there.

I will post a hilarious video taken with my N90 here soon of my youngest daughters basketball game. She is 6 and is actually quite a good player, but it is really funny to watch boys and girls in kindergarten playing hoops. I may also post some photos of my recent California trip and will try to add some thoughts about CES and any other gadget related things I can think of. Oh yeah, I did just receive my SlingBox last night too and will have to get it hooked up before I head back up to Alaska so I can watch some recorded content or movies with my family at night in the hotel.

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