Why can't I get remote viewing on my SlingBox working?

Sorry my posting has been light, but I have been on the road quite a bit and when I am in town I am SWAMPED at work. So then last night and today I spent about 4-6 hours trying everything I know to get the remote viewing functionality working on my new SlingBox. My basic home setup is a Cisco 678 DSL modem with Qwest DSL and connected to a SMC Barricade G router. With this setup I was able to get the SlingBox working like a champ within my own home network, but kept getting errors trying to get remote viewing setup. I tried port forwarding setup using the Port Forward website and even though I did everything shown on the site I still couldn’t get it working. I even Telnetted into my Cisco router to open port 5001, but that didn’t work either.

Thinking the SMC or the Cisco could be the problem, I went out to CompUSA last night and again this morning and bought a D-Link router and ActionTec ADSL modem/router. I tried using just the ActionTec as a modem and wireless router without success, although the ActionTec was easier to setup and access than the Cisco. I then tried the ActionTec in conjuction with the D-Link and SMC routers without success. I tried the D-Link with the Cisco, but I couldn’t even get regular internet working going through the D-Link since it looks like the Cisco uses a cable with less connection points than the D-Link requires. On every setup, except the Cisco and D-Link, I was able to get the SlingBox to work within my home network, but I could never get it setup for remote viewing.

It is cool to watch TV anywhere in the house with the SlingBox and my Tablet PC, but with all my travel coming up I really wanted to get remote viewing setup. I may try contacting Sling Media directly soon, but with a trip starting tomorrow up in Alaska I don’t think I have anymore time to troubleshoot my setup.

The thing is it seems that everyone else I know with a SlingBox just plugs it in and away they go and can’t believe someone like me that is pretty technically competent is having so much trouble. If anyone has any tips, then please feel free to send them to me at palmsolo@gmail.com.

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