Sling Media and SlingBox ROCKS!

I previously posted on my SlingBox remote viewing problems and then received an email from Jeremy Toeman from Sling Media. I couldn’t work with him at the time since I was traveling, but as soon as I returned from my most recent Alaska trip he was there to offer assistance. It turned out that all my trouble was due to me assigning the wrong IP address to the port I was forwarding on my Cisco 678 DSL modem. I was opening up the SlingBox IP address and not my SMC wireless router IP and was rather confused by all the IP addresses floating around in my system. Jeremy was very sharp and quickly had me setting up the right IP address.

I also discovered there is a new public beta of the SlingPlayer that includes a remote for my Comcast Motorola DVR box so that is awesome too! It is now much easier to control my TV and DVR with this remote just like the one I have in my house. We are now all setup to watch our DVR on our trip to Florida and DisneyWorld this next week although we may be too busy and tired to watch much TV.

If you are a frequent traveler then you really may want to consider a SlingBox. I actually use it quite a bit in my own house since we can now watch TV anywhere my Tablet PC goes. I have been watching TV when doing the dishes quite a bit and could even see having mounts for a slate Tablet in your house for remote TV viewing.

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