Nokia N90 is an awesome vacation camera

We are on a weeklong family vacation to Disney World in Orlando and my wife is taking photos with a Canon SD450 camera while I am using the Nokia N90. The Nokia is actually proving to take better photos in many situations and I am snapping away with my 1GB card allowing me to go all day without any worries. The quality is proving to be excellent and the convenience of carrying around a camera and a phone in one device while not being required to carry my Treo 650 is great. I did take my Treo the first day to post some SplashBlog entries, but as you can see the photos are not as good of quality and it doesn’t make much sense to take both devices with me so I will try just the N90 today and see if the battery can handle it.

BTW, you have to check out this photo since it is probably the first time a Nokia N90 has taken a ride on the Aerosmith Rock ‘n Roller rollercoaster at MGM Studios. I tried taking photos while on the ride and I think we were turning too many Gs to get a steady shot.

Rather than bore everyone with all my Disney World photos taken with my N90 and uploaded via LifeBlog, please check out the Disney World 2006 Flickr set I created where I will now upload my photos. Almost all these photos were taken with a Nokia N90 cameraphone too.

I may still post a few photos directly here via LifeBlog, but just ones that I think my readers will particularly enjoy 🙂

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