Back from Disney World

My family and I all made it back to Washington safely and boy are we exhausted. It was a very enjoyable week vacation and there are lots of photos on my Flickr site as I mentioned in my earlier post. I’ll try to get the final photos up on my Flickr site tonight when I get home.

I still have very small bruises on my left bicep where my youngest 6-year old daughter dug into me during some of the more thrilling rides. She exceeds the 44-inch height requirement of most of the larger rides and wasn’t scared to try them all. She made it through all of them without crying and was actually excited to go on some again. My oldest two love the fast coasters and rides like I do so we had a blast while my wife isn’t so keen on some of those rides.

It was in the upper 70s most of the week and now I return to the rainy Northwest that I love so much. It was nice to feel cool air again though.


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