Nokia N70 arrives!

While I was away on vacation, the Nokia NSeries Blogger Relations program coordinators shipped me a sample Nokia N70 to evaluate and review. Like the N90 Blogger Relations Blog site there is a N70 Blogger Relations Blog site for you to check out the latest news and reviews on the device from all over the world.

The device I received was used by Nokia employees as a demo and came with a Cingular SIM card and a fully charged battery. I popped in my own T-Mobile SIM since I want to check out the reception for my own service and like my unlimited T-Mobile EDGE data.

I have only spent about 10 minutes with the device so far, but a couple of initial observations I have are that it looks very classy with a brushed steel faceplate and cool rear sliding camera cover. I like the fact that the common Nokia BL-5C battery is used because I have two others from my Nokia 3650 and 7610 so spare batteries are readily available. The MMCmobile card is also externally accessible, which is a great feature on the N90 as well, so you can pop in new cards as you take photos or video with the device. The N70 doesn’t have that great high resolution display found on the N90, but it is still bright and quite readable. There is a 2nd camera on the front (VGA resolution) that may be for video calls. The button placement is a bit different than the N90 so I’ll have to get used to that a bit. There is an application called Visual Radio on the device that I have no idea about that I will have to research and learn about. It looks like all the other traditional S60 and NSeries applications are preloaded on the device as well.

The NSeries Blogger program coordinators also sent along a Nokia Bluetooth GPS device to try out that I will include in my full review. It will be interesting to see how GPS navigation stacks up with what I use on Palm and Windows Mobile devices.

  1. #1 by nico on February 7, 2006 - 04:22


    Great phone. I just got it. Sad that old applications wont work with the new 3rd Edition 😦

    My Nokia N70 Review

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