T-Mobile customer service continues to impress me

I have been with T-Mobile now for about 4 years and last year when my contract was up I considered switching to Cingular due to their rollover minute policy. However, I decided to stick with T-Mobile since their unlimited data plan was cheap ($20/month) and I have always had great reliability and quality customer service. They have expanded their network and I now get good signals at my home with quality devices.

My wife is one of those people that is always on the go and never sits in one place for too long and along with this she is doing a hundred things at once. She often misplaces her keys, cellphone, the kids (just kidding), and other items. She recently lost her cellphone again, but this time we just have not been able to hunt it down so she was using one of my daughters phones. Since she is going on a short trip I wanted to get her another T-Mobile SIM card and pop that into one of the many available GSM phones we have in the house. I called T-Mobile and was told it would cost $20 for a replacement SIM so I then went to my local T-Mobile retail store. Within a couple of minutes the representative had a new SIM reprogrammed with my wife’s cell number and handed it to me. He then said there was no charge for the new SIM and sent me on my way. I know I spend lots of money for T-Mobile service each month, but it was still nice to see them give me a SIM without any charges and not try to pressure me to buy a phone in the store or anything. It is no wonder that T-Mobile keeps winning customer service awards and has a growing network and I just wanted to pass along my personal experience with them.

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