Super Bowl MVP wears black and white, not black and gold

It really is a shame when poor officiating decides the outcome of a game such as this, but it happens a lot to Seattle in critical games (ie Jets a couple years ago). There were at least two major calls that were completely and clearly wrong (Jackson’s touchdown and Ben’s missed touchdown). If we just remove those two bad calls, Seattle won at least 17-14. How about the completely bogus call of Hasselback chop blocking someone on an interception return? You can’t chop block the guy you are tackling and even people who don’t know what a chop block is understand this. The world was against Seattle and it seems the officials were as well. It makes you wonder about the integrity of the game and the gambling industry when such poor calls are made by the officials.

Oh well, we are proud of our Seahawks for the game they played (held Pittsburgh to no 1st downs in the 1st quarter) and know in our hearts that they won the game. Let’s hope they make it back next year and get a fair chance from the officials.


I couldn’t have said it better myself, check the articles here and here to see that I am not just a bitter fan. Shoot, I’ve even been reading comments from lots of people who aren’t even Seahawks fans stating that the game was taken away from them. It is just a shame when this happens in the big game.

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