25 Cool Things to do with the S60 Smartphone

As I dive further and further into the S60 platform I am finding that it meets all my needs and then some. One thing that is very impressive is the rock solid reliability. I have had a Nokia 3650 for about 4 years and never once have I seen a S60 device hard reset at random.

I just stumbled upon an interesting article at All About Symbian on the 25 Coolest things you can do with a S60 Smartphone and am discovering some cools apps and tricks.

One of the most valuable shortcuts I just read about in the comments was, “Comment: regarding the shortcut’s, one more you could add is that if you hold down the ‘#’ key it selects the silent profile, and if you hold it down a again it will return to the general profile.” These are the only two profiles I really use and this shortcut just saved me a few seconds.

I just put several podcasts on my MMCmobile card and tried using Real Player to listen to them and when I tried to skip forward I couldn’t find that function. I am trying some other MP3 players now to get more basic functionality.

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