God is already working through Ruby Jewel

I went to the memorial service for Ruby Jewel today and have to say that it was very tough to see Brad and Rachel up front in the church. I cannot imagine the feelings they are going through and am comforted by the fact that they can count on holding her in heaven in the future. The pastor reminded us that this life here on Earth is just a blink of our eye in the timeframe of eternity and that we will get to spend eternity with our saved loved ones.

Even though Ruby did not spend a day living outside the womb, she is already impacting peoples’ lives for God, including her dad. After the service, Brad and I were talking and he wants to start a regular Bible study at work during lunch and start bearing more fruit and being an example to others of the love of Jesus. The service today also got me thinking about the wonderful blessing that my three daughters are to me and my wife and made me ask myself how am I impacting the lives of others?

  1. #1 by Antoine of MMM on February 13, 2006 - 14:46

    That is some amazing stuff. Thanks for spreading that good news, it is always great to hear that God will leave fruit in every way possible to reach our hearts.

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