Going crazy with text messaging

I was watching TV in my hotel room last night and saw Catherine Zeta-Jones advertising a new service plan for people on their family plan where you could add unlimited text messaging for all the phones on your plan for only $10 a month. We have 4 phones in our family right now and my daughters have been asking about text messaging, but I wasn’t going to pay at least $20 per month for everyone to get 400 messages each. When I saw this plan though I quickly jumped at the chance to add it and did so last night. I then called my daughters back home and they kept texting me until very late (on the East Coast 3 hours ahead of them) last night.

It is fun to send quick messages back and forth, but even better on the Treo 650. In addition to typing much faster, the Treo has a good SMS client that keeps the messages in a Gmail-eque conversation mode so it really mimics instant messaging more than text messaging. Now that I have this functionality I’ll have to look around for better Series 60 and Pocket PC SMS client software.

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