Let's give away a Xbox 360 on my blog!

OK, Ryan over at PalmInfocenter discovered my TextPayMe blog entry and posted the news with a good idea. I already have a Xbox that I barely have time to play so if I get enough referrals (you need 36) from my readers I will hold a contest right here on my blog for the Xbox 360 system.

SignUp at TextPayMe

So far, I do have one referral so 35 left to go and we’ll have a big Palmsolo Blog relaunch contest with the Xbox 360 as the prize. If this contest is a success I may even have others and give away some cool gear I have sitting around my house.

OK, after giving it some more thought I decided that I will pick the winner of the Xbox 360 from the list of people who sign up with my referral. Wow, that would be pretty incredible odds to win an Xbox 360. Here are a couple rules: (1) my family (wife and daughters) are not eligible to win the prize, (2) if more than 36 people sign up then it wouldn’t be fair to not let them have a chance, so what I’ll do is stop the contest on 31 March and let all those who sign up before then be eligible to win, and (3) I am going to send you the system as they send it to me and don’t warranty the device, etc., etc. If there are not 36 people by 31 March, then I’ll extend the contest to when the 36th person does sign up.

  1. #1 by connor on April 3, 2007 - 08:57

  1. palmsolo: Geeking for Jesus » Blog Archive » 6 TextPayMe signups so far, let’s get you a Xbox 360

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