Should I go for the T-Mobile MDA?

I enjoyed using the HTC Wizard a few months back (see my review) and was looking forward to seeing U.S. carriers pick it up. T-Mobile now has the MDA available and I can pick it up for $300 (after a couple rebates) and have been seriously considering the purchase. I almost swung by the T-Mobile store today, but resisted the temptation as I thought more about the device. I have a Treo 650 that I actually keep going back to and don’t think the Wizard beats the 650 in terms of speed and performance. I like the looks of the Nokia E61 and Sony Ericsson P990 and think I am going to hold out for one of those devices. I find Symbian devices to be very stable and there were some slow performance and stability issues with the HTC Wizard. Would you get the MDA or continue to wait for a more advanced future device?

  1. #1 by Antoine of MMM on February 26, 2006 - 20:55

    Dont know if it is just your new device bug or not, but for me personally, I have tried many devices, and what keeps me with my PalmOS ones always boils down to productivity and usability. I find that with most of what I want to do, I can do it easily with any PDA, but PalmOS ones seem to have less overhead than others. Granted, some of that might also be familarity, but I don’t think so completly. In playing with a Treo 700w I was very impressed at the 5way action throughout, but there were still too many taps to do somethings. that part was a bit harder to get used to. The 6700, which is a excellent device, needed some of the Treo’s DNA to really be effective in my eyes. Something were just too stylus based where it would have been nice to keyboard or way around it.

  2. #2 by Duke on March 1, 2006 - 16:51

    I was thinking about the same thing with the Cingular 8125. But other than WiFi, I can’t find any reason worth upgrading. And I really question the need for WiFi now that I am settled into the Palm 650. You are in a little bit different Situation than me, as I have probably dropped over $150 in software for my 650 in the last two months. I would hate to make the software obsolete to move to a WM05 unit, just because I could! My 650 is all I need for now. Besides, with what we will be seeing in converged devices in about a year, my advice? Wait it out! I believe Microsoft has seen the future and WM devices are only going to get better!

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