I LOVE my Treo 650!

As readers of my blog know I try out and jump around between a lot of devices. I recently was pondering a purchase of the new T-Mobile MDA (HTC Wizard) device, but after evaluating a faster TORQ P120 Phone Edition device and looking at what I had in my collection I decided to forget about that purchase. I am actually finding that I use smartphone devices more than a dedicated PDA type device and phone functionality and ease-of-use is becoming a higher priority for me.

With the new release of Softick Audio Gateway (that I just purchased a few minutes ago) I can now get A2DP Bluetooth stereo support on my Treo 650. The lack of ability to listen to podcasts and music on my Treo 650 with a Bluetooth headset was one reason I kept using the sample Nokia N70 I am reviewing. I do wish I could use a standard Bluetooth headset too and understand they may add this to the Audio Gateway in a future update. I also LOVE the bright high resolution of the Treo 650 and with this renewed devotion to my Treo 650 I just updated to the latest firmware (minus the RealPlayer and Tutorial files) and am reloading Pocket Tunes, tons of Laridian applications and Bible translations, and getting the 650 tuned to my preferences. I do think the Treo has a nice VGA camera, but would love to have one with the quality like the N70 or N90 2 megapixel models.

I am now also checking out the Treo sites for other software and utilities that may make my 650 even better. I have quite a bit loaded now with about 10MB of RAM available, thanks to PowerRun. I heard a lot about Butler and may try that one out soon too. Here is what I have loaded right now; PDAmill Classics, Eric’s Blackjack, Farkle, PDAmill Gems, PDAmill Solitaire and Solitaire II, Triples, WordPop, WordWatch, Agendus Pro, Agendus Mail SSL, PdaNet, SplashBlog, Softick Audio Gateway, Pocket Tunes, TCPMP, Daily Reader, Documents To Go 8 with PDF, Memorize, Mobipocket 5.2, MyBible, PrayerPartner, ProWord dictionary, LibertyControl, ScreenShot 5, KeyCaps600, KB LightsOff, Resco Explorer, Resco Backup, KMaps with Java Runtime, Mapopolis, PowerRUN, Tide Tool, Uninstall Manager, and VolumeCare. Do you have any other recommendations?

  1. #1 by serantes on March 6, 2006 - 09:46

    Hey Great you are a renewed treofan; you´re on the bright side now (LOL…just for the brilliant screen XD).
    I´d love you have a look to this post in my site, `perhaps you find some goog app for your Treo ( Think about Initiate, it´s great).
    Greetings from Spain

  2. #3 by Antoine of MMM on March 7, 2006 - 15:21

    Hello Matt;
    I cannot say that I have been wanting to move to another device since getting my 650 right before Christmas. It really has been quite stable, and very much a paradigm shift in the way that I feel about personal computing.

    To answer your question about some programs:
    I use Facer3 (despite some issues, its quite solid and very nice to have a today and simple launcher app in one); KeySuite (because I have too many contacts and appts); Mo:Blog (MMM and a personal site to play with there, though I do hope to get more work out of it at some point); SplashPhoto and Splash Money; Keyguard; and My Little Tank (I just love this game).

    But that is part of my setup and its been quite productive and fun too.

  3. #4 by Duke on March 8, 2006 - 14:12

    I like zlauncher, and WeatherMan. over the years I had kind of gotten away from IMing on the computer, but after a 4 day trial of IM+, I am quickly becoming a huge IM addict. I couldn’t stand it and went ahead and purchased it! Its great to quickly catch up with my buds. Also covers all the major IM programs, including IRC. I also enjoy voice dial, U*blog, and QuickNews . . Hope this helps some . .

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