Use of devices in Alaska and i-mate SP5m tweaks

I am back from my trip to Ketchikan and now have a TON of work back in the office as a result.

I used the Treo 650 most of the time up in Alaska and then tried using the i-mate SP5m for a day since it is a smaller device and a bit easier to carry around. I decided to leave the test Nokia Nseries devices at home this time as I traveled light. I did have to switch back to the Treo 650 so I could use PdaNet with a USB cable to connect my Tablet PC and send a very important email off for work. I think there is a way to use the USB cable on my i-mate, but I haven’t set it up on my Tablet PC yet and didn’t have the time. Nokia PC Suite works very well for connecting the Nseries devices as modems and could just as well have used one of them.

OK, back to the i-mate SP5m. I really do like this device, but there are a couple things that really bother me. For example, it is painful to browse in Pocket Internet Explorer as scrolling takes forever and starts to hurt my thumb on the directional pad after a bit. I also hate going to the Club i-mate site every time I start Internet Explorer or press the IE hardware button. After searching around the site I found solutions to both these problems. I did some registry editing and now I can scroll up and down by pages simply with a press of the 2 or 8 button. I also now have Bloglines as the PIE home page since that is the first page I really like to go to when browsing on mobile devices.

I would use the SP5m more, but the camera quality is pretty poor and i-mate stupidly put in USB 1.1 with a miniSD card that is under the battery. Thus, transferring large multimedia files to the device takes much longer than it should. I like the way the Nseries devices have the expansion card access on the side of the device. This is the same with the Treo 650 that even has the SIM card accessible via an external slot. The display on the i-mate is awesome though and I do like the way it functions as a phone. It also gets the BEST reception out of all the devices I have tested in the last few months (N90, N70, Treo 650, i-mate SP5m, TORQ P120).

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