Geeking and cleaning up debris

We have had a couple of windstorms here in Washington that littered my yard with evergreen branches. I also recently cut down a friend’s very large holly tree and was in the chainsaw cutting mood so I went crazy in my yard cutting down small bushes and trees that cluttered up the place. I then had a ton of junk to clean up and since this weekend was beautiful I got away from the computer and started cutting up and cleaning up the debris. To make the experience a bit better I decided to try out the Softick Audio Gateway software and the Bluetake iPHONO mini headset to listen to podcasts. The setup worked well for the most part, but when my thick Carhart jacket and body was in the line between the Treo and the headset the audio would break up a bit. I don’t know if the Bluetooth in the Treo is a bit weak or if the Audio Gateway software has limits. I would rather use the Nokia N70 with the iPHONO headset, but A2DP is not supported on the N70 (or many other mobile devices). I wish A2DP was included with all Bluetooth enabled devices.

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