Busy, busy, busy

I am sorry that I have been so lame in making posts here on my blog, but I am SWAMPED at work and barely have a chance to breathe. Select soccer and baseball season is also kicking off so any free time I thought I had is now out the window for a couple months. I am also the new webmaster for the Puyallup Soccer Club so I am working on a completely new site for them too.

I also am working on a special project right now that I can’t wait to tell you about later when I am allowed to share the details.

I travel to Savannah, Georgia this weekend for more research vessel stability testing and will try to post more regularly as I can.

  1. #1 by Monasmom on March 17, 2006 - 15:43

    I need some technicial help and was wondering when you had a moment if perhaps you could help a damsels in disstress w/ a her laptop question. 2 years ago I purchased a Toshiba Satellite A45-S250 laptop…has been a great little toy w/ the exception that I can’t seem to get the WIFI thing working. I’ve bought 2 different WIFI routers and can never get them to work and so I have returned both. Do you have any suggestions/recommendations on a router to purchase? It seems the laptop has a bluetooth whatever that seems to be the problem in holding it up or else it’s the person holding it up but I’ve tried most everything to get both working and now am looking for outside help. Thank you so very much for help/suggestions you can provide. Diane

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