Listening to podcasts with a Bluetooth headset and a mobile device

I was pretty excited to find the Softick Audio Gateway software that gave me A2DP on my Treo 650. I have been using the Bluetake iPHONO mini headphones since then, but they are not always that convenient to wear as I drive around and try to listen to podcasts. I am able to use my Cardo Scala 500 with the Nokia N70 and N90 devices using the default Bluetooth profiles. I also have the i-mate SP5m Windows Mobile Smartphone that I really like as well, but there has not been any way to use a Bluetooth headset to listen to tunes, until now. I just found BlueCast for WM 5.0 devices for just about $10 and after trying it out I made the purchase. I have been using iTunes to download my podcasts, but then it takes some manual effort to transfer the podcasts to a storage card. I finally tried to use Windows Media Player 10 to automatically sync my content with the miniSD card on my i-mate SP5m. However, I am still researching and figuring out how to use a podcast application to download my podcasts and get them into WMP on my desktop for syncing to my i-mate SP5m.

  1. #1 by Chris Lowe on March 30, 2006 - 19:36

    I am flabbergasted that this isn’t a standard feature of all smartphones palm/Windows Mobile. I currently have a Treo 600 so no bluetooth and whilst looking for an update I found this anomoly. You can’t listen to mp3 via a bluetooth headset. It is ridiculous. I’m not fussed about stereo quality as you say, whilst driving walking riding around I want to be able to listen to tunes and answer a call. Doesn’t sound too hard to me? Does anyone have any other briight ideas about doing this? This software sounds great but really Palm/O2/Imate etc, what is up with not being able to listen to music via a headset???
    First device I find with this ability will be the one I buy. I ride mt bicycle to work and don’t want to use a wired stereo set – too dangerous. I want to be able to tuck my phone away in my pack and listen to tunes or answer a call on the road… one ear only and via bluetooth.
    What do you say hardware manufacturers – take up the challenge.

  2. #2 by Jon on April 4, 2006 - 09:10

    You can setup in WM desktop player a playing list that is active. That way the active playlist’s definition is the latest files added to the WM library are part of the playing list. Then you can just sync that playlist.

    I did have a problem over time that it stopped working but worth a shot for awhile.

  3. #3 by tom on June 5, 2006 - 19:46

    I have the Verizon xv6700 PPC phone with a 2GB mini SD card. I downloaded ppcPodcast from sourceforge and TCPMP from whereever and i bought the moto m500 BT headphone. i can listen to audio podcasts using WM or watch video podcasts using TCPMP and hear the audio over BT. the volume does not get loud enough for me, but it works.

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