Another option for Windows on an Intel Mac

I have been reading Josh Bancroft’s blog, Tiny Screenfuls, and see that there is another option to run Windows that actually may be a bit more desirable. Check out my MacGeek post for all the details and links regarding Parallels Workstation product.

I am actually installing it as I write this blog post and so far it is looking good. If I can run my naval architecture software, ActiveSync with Outlook, and a few other applications then I may just go with this $50 option instead of dual booting. I’ll post my experiences here on my blog, as usual.

  1. #1 by Josh Bancroft on April 7, 2006 - 09:52

    I’m interested to see how ActiveSync goes. Parallels seems to make the USB ports available to XP as virtual devices – I wonder if that will cause any problems?

    I’ve also noticed that sound doesn’t work in the VM – the Sound device is in the Devices list, but it’s greyed out.

    Keep us updated!

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