Loaded up Naval Architecture apps, going good with Workstation so far

Ok, I loaded up my two main naval architecture/salvage programs, HECSALV and GHS, into Parallels Workstation and they both ran like they were in regular Windows. Since there is not yet any sync application that works with Windows Mobile devices and Intel Macs, I still need Windows to sync these devices and Workstation does not yet support USB so I cannot connect my devices. Oh wait, maybe I can sync via Bluetooth. I’ll go install Office and ActiveSync and give that a try now. I also want to try out SlingPlayer.


SlingPlayer installed and was almost there when I received an error that audio was not supported. I’ll look into this on the Parallels forums to see if there is a setting I can change. Loading Office and ActiveSync now.

Sound and USB are not yet supported in this beta, but the Parallels team stated in various discussion threads that all this will work in the full version coming soon. If so, I’ll probably go with this solution since I didn’t buy the MacBook to run Windows and only want the option to use Windows when certain special reasons require Windows.

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