More Windows on Mac, Bluetooth, apps, and card reader

I had a chance to play with my MacBook a bit more this evening and discovered I can sync my Treo 650 and the N70/N90 devices I am testing directly with the Mac using iSync. This is very cool and if I wasn’t such a fan of Windows Mobile Smartphones I wouldn’t have to use ActiveSync in Windows.

I also booted into Windows mode and loaded up my Trend Micro Anti-Virus software, Nokia PC Suite, and SlingPlayer and they all ran perfectly. The dual booted Windows actually runs extremely fast and is a blast to use. I was even able to very easily sync with the Treo and Nokia N90 via Bluetooth while using a Bluetooth mouse with a RIGHT BUTTON!

For now I will keep the Parallels Workstation and the Boot Camp dual boot solutions loaded up since there are still a couple of beta issues with Workstation. It sure is nice to have these options on such a nice piece of hardware.

I am missing an integrated SD slot or adapter and am looking for an ExpressCard 34 multi-card adapter, but don’t want to pay $90 right now for one.

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