Connecting Windows Mobile Smartphone to MacBook Pro

As I use the MacBook more and more lately I needed to figure out how to connect it to my Windows Mobile Smartphones (without having to dual boot to Windows) for wireless data on the go. I went throught the pairing process on the Mac and SP5m with no problems, but I couldn’t configure the wireless modem aspect to correctly dial out since the scripts listed on the Mac did not include the one I needed and I could not figure out how to edit them.

I then found this excellent blog post that gave me everything I needed to get hooked up. The only thing T-Mobile customers need to be aware of is that you need to enter “a” for the user account and password. I remember doing this back when I was connecting my Palm devices to a Bluetooth phone as well. I’ll now have to try to setup the Nokia and Treo 650 devices to work with the MacBook. I love the way you can find solutions to almost any problem by searching the internet.

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