Going to Seattle Mind Camp 2.0 in 2 weeks

I just finished paying the tax man a large sum of money, thanks to my wife’s very successful Party Lite candle business, and can now get back to geeking out late at night instead of filling out tax forms.

I found out that Seattle Mind Camp 2.0 is being held at the end of April in West Seattle and I decided to join in the adventure after reading about Mind Camp 1.0 after the event occurred last fall. Mind Camp is a 24 hour geekfest that runs from noon on 29 April to noon on 30 April and it sounds like my kind of thing. My wife, family and friends are always saying “You are such a geek.” when I start talking about the world of mobile devices and technology and I enjoy getting together with my geek friends at our handheld user group meetings, Mobius events, and other social events. Mind Camp only costs US$25 and is marketed as an event where 200 of Seattle’s smartest people get together see what happens. I don’t think I am one of the 200 smartest people, but I am enjoy talking with people about technology and other geeky topics and am looking forward to active participation at the event. I’ll be bringing some of my mobile devices and look forward to the event. If you are in the area, check it out, and if it interests you then come along and meet me there.

  1. #1 by Stuart Maxwell on April 17, 2006 - 22:31

    Looking forward to seeing you at Mind Camp. I need to check out some new mobile devices.

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