Movie comparing Windows with Apple Boot Camp and Parallels Workstation

I created a short video using a Nokia N90 running Windows in both a rebooted mode and in Parallels Workstation virtual environment. I ran HECSALV, my naval architecture/salvage engineering application, and Sling Player to compare the two and as you can see the virtual environment runs like a champ and is my preferred method.

I am having lots of problems trying to embed the Quicktime video into my blog format and have it be acceptable in multiple browsers so the easiest way to view the video is to just follow this dedicated link and check it out. Sorry for the minor inconvenience and if you have any tips for making this work please let me know.

Update: Peter just informed me that the QuickTime movie may have issues playing on PCs too. One option is to get a Mac like me and watch it with no problems:)  I’ll try to make a WMV file out of it tonight and see if there is another format that works more reliably. Sorry.

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