Treo 650 moving down my list, i-mate SP5m moving up

I really do like my Treo 650 as my blog readers know 🙂 However, I have been using it more and more as a phone lately as I travel a lot for business and I have to admit that it just isn’t as good of a phone as the Nokia N70 and the i-mate SP5m. Many people have been complaining that I sound muffled or there is a weird background noise when I use the phone, even without a headset. I was using the Softick Audio Gateway to listen to podcasts yesterday and when a call came in my Treo 650 did a reset so I had to quickly swap SIM cards since my mom was meeting me with family from Vermont in Seattle and I needed a more reliable phone. I do really like the Treo 650 for text messaging, but I am getting MUCH better with the Windows Mobile predictive T9 input too.

The Nokia N70 and N90 are incredible phones with very high quality performance and rock solid stability. My review N70 is out now getting the firmware updated and while the N90 has a high resolution display and a great camera, I need a vibration option for me to use it as my daily smartphone. I actually have been carrying the N90 to use as my on-the-go still and video camera, but wish there was something like Lifeblog for the Mac to be a companion to it. Lately I have really been carrying only the i-mate SP5m since it has a beautiful high resolution display, compared to the lower N70 resolution, and I do really like the Windows Mobile 5 OS and GUI.

One aspect of the Nokia, really a S60 limitation, is that none of the notes in my appointments are viewable on the device. I put directions and other key information in the notes section of my appointements and have left the house a couple of times recently with the N70 and actually had to turn back, pop my SIM into the i-mate SP5m and then go out again. The S60 just isn’t as strong in PIM functionality like Windows Mobile.

  1. #1 by JuhaN on April 18, 2006 - 20:46

    Have you tried Papyrus or AquaCalendar on your Series 60 devices?? They have the notes field for appointments that built in calendar doesn’t have.

    Both of them are GREAT PIM suites for S60!!


  2. #2 by Rafe on April 19, 2006 - 09:27

    The Notes limitation is something that gets fixed in the S60 3rd Edition I’m glad to say. Just need to get yourself a N80!

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