Reactions to Chinese president's visit are opposite of what you would think

I was really into politics when I lived back in Washington, D.C., and when I was in the US Coast Guard and talk radio is still one of the main stations I listen to in my truck. I don’t really get into politics on my blog, but sometimes the situation is so outlandish that I just can’t hold it in any longer. Plus, this is my blog where I like to post my own thoughts to act as a kind of journal that I can easily archive and remember in the future.

As the U.S. and probably most of the world knows, the Chinese president made a visit out to the United States this week. He started off with a visit here to Seattle and caused some nice problems for our daily commute. I was a bit amazed how so many people in Washington welcomed the Communist leader with open arms, toasts, and extravagant dinners. I understand Bill Gates probably profits quite well from Chinese developers and techies and most of the reason people here welcomed him was for the money. However, I found it sickening that these same liberals who spew on and on about human rights in America were OK with hobnobbing with the president of a country that stomps on human rights every single day with forced abortions, killing of Christians, imprisoning people for minor reasons, etc. The completely biased Seattle Times posted an article today. In regards to President Bush holding a lunch rather than a dinner they had the nerve to state:

“(The choice of the lower-level protocol presumably reflected the administration’s sensitivity to criticism from members of Congress and others over China’s perceived economic opportunism and suspect human-rights record.)”

WHAT?!!!! “Perceived” economic opportunism and “Suspect” human-right record. There is nothing perceived or suspect about their actions and the Seattle Times should be ashamed for even stating such lies. Wow, I knew the mainstream media was biased and stupid, but I can’t believe they would state it so obviously in the paper. So it seems in the case of China, the conservatives care more about human rights and less about financial things while the liberals care more about economics rather than human rights. What a twisted world we live in.

One thing that I don’t like about living/working here in the Puget Sound area is how liberal people are and how hypocritical and vocal they can be about political, social, and economic issues. At least I stick to a single track for my beliefs, morals, and ideals.

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