Testing out a Nokia 770 Internet Tablet

Joel, the Chief Geek, sent me his Nokia 770 Internet Tablet to check out for a few days and I surfed a bit with it last night. The hardware is slimmer than I imagined it would be and of high quality. It takes a bit of getting used to the operating system and navigating around the device, but after an hour or so I am starting to get comfortable with it. I haven’t been able to get it to connect via GPRS and Bluetooth to my i-mate SP5m as the network settings appear to have some missing pieces and are not very user friendly. The handwriting recognition leaves something to be desired, but the on-screen keyboard has been adequate for me to enter URLs and search terms in Opera.

The video player works well in full-screen mode, but I still like the PSP better for video. If I could just get a Bluetooth or IR keyboard to work with the PSP then surfing could be cool too.

If you are looking for something to carry around the house to surf the net and perform some basic functions with and your only other gear is a desktop and a cell phone then this looks like a good solution. Since I am such a PDA Geek, I have other devices and a MacBook so I would actually pull out my Dell Axim X51v first for surfing before a Nokia 770. The Nokia is priced reasonably well at US$350 and I understand it can be tweaked quite a bit since it runs on Linux.

I’ll try to play with it some more this weekend and post my thoughts later. If you have any good tips on using the device, feel free to send them along.

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