Nokia N70 back from getting the ROM flashed, how do I set it up with Exchange?

I just received the review Nokia N70 back from Nokia after getting it flashed to a later ROM. The unit I received to evaluate a couple months ago was one used by Nokia engineers and it obviously had an older ROM on it since video capture was horrible with 1-2 second pauses, making it useless for video. I didn’t want to post a review on with the device running this ROM since I couldn’t find actual production model users complaining of this issue. I am happy to say that video capture is now fluid like on the N90 and I am getting to work on my full review of the N70 for

I am now loading up the Nokia N70 with the applications I was running before and now that I have a hosted Exchange service up and running with 4Smartphone I wondered if there was a way to get this syncing and push email service on the Nokia S60 devices. I see that has SyncML support, but after putting in my settings I can’t get it to sync. I’ll be hunting around online some more as I may not have all the settings entered correctly or something and if you have any tips on setting up SyncML for Calendar, Contacts, and Notes please let me know.

I don’t see email support in the Sync profile and do not see Exchange host as an option in the email application on the S60 device. I did find Dataviz’s RoadSync product, but it doesn’t look like S60 devices are yet supported. RoadSync looks like the perfect solution for supported devices and their page does show that S60 devices will be supported soon.

Do you know of any other methods to get PUSH email or Exchange syncing on the Nokia Nseries S60 2nd Edition devices?

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