Setting up SyncML on Nokia N70 with hosted Exchange service

OK, a couple days ago I asked about syncing to an Exchange server with a S60 2nd Edition device. I had found that SyncML was supported with, but I kept getting an error, “Sync type not supported.” I also could not find any other solution or guidance on how to check my settings. I was messing around with the Nokia N70 this morning and recalled seeing something about sync type on the device. I went back into the Sync profiles. This time I went into the conduit settings for Calendar and after selecting Yes I changed the Synchronization type from the “To Phone Only” mode I had selected to “Normal”. I then tried to sync again and it worked like a charm.

Since I haven’t found any guidance at all online for SyncML settings to use with and a S60 device I am going to post them here for your use and to document it so I can setup another device in the future. One thing you should be aware of as you will see in the directions below is that Notes on the S60 apparently sync with Tasks (called To-do notes on the device) rather than the Notes you may be used to in Outlook.

(1) Go to Connect>Sync>Options and choose to create a New sync profile.
(2) Then enter these settings on the first page
Sync profile name: 4smartphone (or whatever else you want)
Data bearer: Web
Access point: Choose your data AP (mine is T-Mobile Internet)
Host address:
Port: 80
User name: The email address used as your 4Smartphone user name
Password: Your 4Smartphone password
Allow sync requests: I have Yes selected
Accept all sync requests: Again, I have Yes selected
Network authentication: Yes
Network user name: None
Network password: None

(3) Then move the directional pad right to get into the sync conduit settings for Contacts, Calendar, and Notes

(4) Choose Contacts, then Yes, then OK.
Remote database: Contacts
Synchronization type: Normal

Then press Back to setup the other conduits.

(5) Choose Calendar, then Yes, then OK.
Remote database: Calendar
Synchronization type: Normal

Then press Back to setup the other conduits.

(6) Choose Notes, then Yes, then OK. (Note: It looks like Notes on the S60 device syncs to Tasks on the Exchange server and not really Notes. I tried changing to Tasks on the device, but that didn’t work.)
Remote database: Notes
Synchronization type: Normal

Then press Back a couple times to go back to the main Sync page.

(7) Select the 4smartphone Sync name and then Synchronise and away you go.

Now you will only have to come back to Sync and select Synchronise (uses a “s” on my phone instead of “z”) to keep your S60 device updated with Calendar, Contacts, and Notes (Tasks).

Now that I have this functionality working (too bad I can’t get the email to work this slick) I need to find a more robust PIM application and am going to try Papyrus and AquaCalendar.

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