All gear gone at Mind Camp 2.0

So after the intros the opened the board up to signing up for sessions. I don’t think there are that many mobile geeks so I’ll just wait to see if there is an informal gathering of mobile geeks where I can share my toys with later. I have a Newton 2100, Zaurus 5500, Treo 650, Nokia N70 and N90, i-mate SP5m, and Palm PDA watch to let people play with if there is any interest.

I checked the free table and all the gear I brought was gone after the intro session so I guess it was pretty good gear, huh? I probably could have sold it on ebay for a few dollars, but it wasn’t worth the hassle and I figure the people here will actually use it.

I am also buying an i-mate JasJar from a guy here for a good deal as this will now satisfy my VGA Pocket PC Phone Edition urge for reviewing and using. I couldn’t really pass up the deal, even though I really don’t need it.

The first official session I am attending is the MindManager one in the theatre. I need to try to load MindManager in Parallels Workstation and see how it runs.

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