First round of sessions over at Mind Camp 2.0

After our box lunch and introductions section we had 4 sessions slots before dinner. I need to truthfully say that I was a bit apprehensive about the event since my readers know I am quite a conservative type of person and actually enjoy being with myself and the internet 🙂 I am not a huge fan of crowds and this event looked like it was going to take me out of my shell a bit, which actually is a good thing to do once in a while so that is why I decided to give it a chance. With the girls staying the night at an Aunt’s house I could have stayed home and tried to catch up on my many reviews, but felt this was a good event for personal growth.

I chatted with Buzz Bruggeman from ActiveWords for a few minutes. He is a great guy and it is nice to see him out here in the NorthWest.

The first session I attended was on the MindManager software from Mindjet. I have had this software for about a year now and have been extremely lame in putting together a review for I attended the session to see if I could get some ideas about ways to use the application. I actually grabbed the USB drive from the presenter just before the event and installed it on my MacBook Pro into the Parallels Virtual Workstation product and am taking notes of my experiences right in MindManager. I will actually try to export and post my Mindmap of the event on my blog.

The second session I attended was related to kids and technology and since my three girls are in a house with a geek I thought this would be educational and I could offer some feedback. Jon Schwarz presented some details on the Kids Programming Language and I was very impressed with the ease that a kid (targeted age is 10-14) could program cool apps and games. Missile Command was one of my all-time favorites and he showed how easy a kid can create this game. I plan on introducing my daughters to this program and may write up something for to see if other fathers and mothers want to share it with their children.

The next session discussed SNS (social networking systems), primarily related to mobile implementation. This whole topic is rather interesting and the technology may be used to actually increase face-to-face interaction using technology. I personally liked seeing the Microsoft test software, called Slam, and hope to see it on my Windows Mobile Smartphone in the future.

The last session I attended discussed the use of type tagging in the enterprise. I have to admit here on my blog that I never really looked into and just signed up for an account during the session. I think I have to educate myself on first so I can educate others before I try to see how it could work in the corporate world. I do think tagging could be valuable at my company, but so far desktop search works adequately.

Dinner was excellent and I am sticking to my low carb diet as I try to lose a few pounds before going to Aruba. Stay tuned for more later tonight.

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