Start of Seattle Mind Camp 2.0

I just arrived at the Seattle Mindcamp event and finished checking in and picking up my T-shirt and badge. I saw a table for Free Stuff so I added the following items to the mix for absolutely free as most were freebies from reviews I conducted:

  • Space LED watch
  • Abacus MSN Direct watch with leather band
  • Logitech Bluetooth headset
  • Zoom 56k Bluetooth modem
  • Bunch of Treo 650 cases
  • USB multi-card adapter
  • Metal Gear Acid PSP game
  • Few other odds and ends

I am in the big theatre now as people just start arriving and checking in. I am not sure if I am staying all night tonight or not and I am open to see what goes on. I don’t think I will lead any discussion as I am primarily focused on mobile devices, but I am flexible and will see how it goes.

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