The Motorola Q is officially announced

I just returned from a very nice vacation in Aruba and will be posting photos on my Flickr site in the next couple of days. I did not do any Geek writing and it was very enjoyable getting away from it all and reconnecting with my wife without all the daily distractions and craziness of life in the U.S. I did bring my MacBook, but only used it to Skype to my kids using SkypeOut (a few cents a minute versus the $6 per minute regular phone call fee).
I was going to tell you some big news today, but that is now delayed until Wednesday. However, I can tell you some other news that I have been keeping under wraps for a couple months that is also pretty exciting. Motorola officially announced the Motorola Q Smartphone today with service on Verizon Wireless. I wrote the Reviewer’s Guide that will be sent with each review unit to the media so that was an exciting task that my buddy Jason hooked me up with. After using the Q I have to say that I am seriously considering buying one next week and paying the $80 per month for the unlimited EVDO and 450 minute plan since the Q would only cost $200. I have to do a reality check to see if it is worth it over my other mobile devices first before pulling the trigger.

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