Looks like I'll be skipping the additional Verizon service

My Motorola Q review will be going up on Geek.com tomorrow and I’ll link to it from my blog. I mentioned how impressed I have been with the Q and posted some thoughts that I was actually considering paying the quite high Verizon Wireless (minimum of US$80/month) fee to use the Q on their network. After receiving a production model and testing it out a bit the last day I now can make a more informed, logical decision. I only get 0-1 bars of service or none at all on my street and there is no way in the world I will pay such a high price for service I can’t use everywhere I live and work on a daily basis. My i-mate SP5m gets a full signal at my house and everywhere else I have traveled the last 6 months with T-Mobile so this decision is a no-brainer.

I ran some speed tests using the DSL report mspeed site and the EVDO network reported speeds double or more what EDGE showed. This was also confirmed when a page would take 15 seconds in EVDO and 32 in EDGE to load, but I am still very pleased with EDGE performance on a mobile device. The nice thing about the SP5m is that I switch to WiFi at home and see speeds triple that of EVDO.

I’ll keep my eye out for the UMTS/HSDPA version of the Motorola Q and think it really is a great device for those with good Verizon coverage.

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