Trying out the Treo 700p takes me back to the Treo 650

I spent the last weekend playing with the Sprint Treo 700p device and it actually prompted me to go back to trying out my Treo 650 as my primary device. The Treo 700p has a couple of improvements over the 650 and at first I was actually thinking of adding a Sprint account to my monthly fees in order to get a 700p. However, after comparing the two devices side-by-side IMHO I really don’t think the 700p is worth the price for me at this time. I didn’t see that much of a speed increase of EVDO over my T-Mobile EDGE connection on the devices, definitely not enough to warrant switching carriers at this time. I could add Sprint with unlimited EVDO using the SERO plan, but to get a Treo 700p on that plan looks to be quite a circus act and I am not willing to spend the time doing that right now.

I did realize how functional my Treo 650 is after doing the comparison though and need to give the phone a chance again. I will be testing call quality and stability of my Treo 650 over the next couple days. I do have about 30 3rd party applications loaded on the device so that can lead to some issues. I am also using my hosted Exchange client with the 650 for Calendar and email syncing and management.

I am also going to contact Enfora to see about reviewing their WiFi sled as WiFi is the major missing feature from my 650.

BTW, I took some comparison photos using the Motorola Q, Treo 700p and Treo 650 and posted them on my Flickr site. As you can see, there really isn’t a huge difference between the photo quality and the Treo 650 actually does very well, especially for a VGA camera.

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