Gear for sale!

I am doing a bit of cleaning house around my gadget closet and selling those items that see very little use and are all in EXCELLENT condition. As anyone who has purchased from me can attest, i keep my gear in mint condition so I can resell it in the future and these items are no exception.

I have the following up for sale and will keep it on the forums for a couple of days before I post them on ebay. I have desired prices listed, but am open to negotiation too. You can check my ebay feedback with my “yosemsam” userID and also I am a writer for and ZDNet so I can be fully trusted. I am willing to ship outside the U.S. so contact me to discuss the options. I can be reached at palmsoloATgmailDOTcom. I prefer PayPal, but will accept personal checks, cashier’s checks, or cash for in-person transactions.

(1) palmOne SD WiFi card:

I bought this for my Tungsten T3 and then after getting a Treo 650 I never even used the card. It is in perfect condition and I understand it works with the new Treo 700w device as well as other Palm branded devices, particularly the Tungsten E2, Tungsten T3, Tungsten T5, and Zire 72. The full package with the disk and manual are included. I am looking for US$75 for the card with free shipping in the United States.

(2) SanDisk 256MB SD WiFi card:

This card was purchased to use with a review unit, the TORQ P100, and then never used again so it too is in exceptional condition. This SD WiFi card can be used to store data on the 256MB portion and connect via WiFi with the radio. I am looking for US$75 for the card with free shipping in the U.S.

(3) GN Netcom 6210 Bluetooth headset and headset lifter:

This is the enterprise version of the very popular Jabra BT250. The GN 6210 allows you to use a single headset with both your mobile phone and office phone system. Pressing the button on the headset when an office call is received actually lifts the handset up and transfers the call to the headset. You can walk up to 30 feet away with crystal clear reception and then even take calls from your mobile phone. This retails for over US$150 with the headset lifter assembly, but I am only looking for US$95 with free shipping in the U.S.

(4) Dell Axim X50v package: SOLD
The Dell Axim X50v is in excellent condition and has had a screen protector on since day 1. This baby sports WiFi and Bluetooth and can even be upgraded to the latest Windows Mobile 5.0 OS if you want to perform the upgrade. I am including a black/blue leather Sena case (with the Sena slip cover and box), Lexar 256 MB SD card to get you started, pen/stylus (no Axim stylus is included), and the X50v with cradle, a/c adapter, CD, and manuals. I am asking for US$225 for this package with free shipping in the U.S.

(5) i-mate JasJar (HTC Universal): Traded for T-Mobile MDA and a few bucks.

You can check out photos of this gear on my Flickr site and please ask me any questions you may have. Thank you for your interest and have a great day.

  1. #1 by bam on May 31, 2006 - 05:50

    Im very much intersted in your i-mate JasJar (HTC Universal), pls. email me on how can i contact you. You can email me at


  2. #2 by Karon on June 1, 2006 - 04:37


    Would you be interested in selling the MDA?

  3. #3 by Gus on December 2, 2006 - 04:44

    I am interested in the GN 6210.
    How old is it? Was it used much?
    Will you ship free to Canada?

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