Google Calendar is accessible with new Nokia S60 browser!

I read in the press release for the S60 3rd Edition web browser announcement that AJAX was supported. To test this out I went to my Google Calendar in the browser on the Nokia E61. A dialog box pops up stating the browser is not supported, but to tap Cancel to proceed. Of course, I pressed the cancel soft key and lo and behold Google Calendar runs like a champ in the browser! I was even able to add events and more right from the browser. This is the only mobile device I have ever had success using Google Calendar and this type of feature just makes me happier and happier that I purchased the device at a very reasonable price, US$415.

UPDATE: I was asked for some screenshots so here you go. You will get warnings that GCal is not compatible with the browser, but pressing Cancel allows you to continue to Google Calendar. As you can see it is functional, but not optimized for the mobile device. It is usable too, but is a bit slow at times and I would really only use it for minor updates and to see what is on the schedule. It can be very helpful for viewing the schedules of family and friends though. Here are some thumbnails below. You can also visit my Flickr page for larger shots.
Google Calendar 1

Google Calendar 2

Google Calendar 3

Google Calendar 4

  1. #1 by Chris on June 22, 2006 - 14:43

    Could you maybe post a screenshot of GCal running on Nokia E61? I’m seriously considdering to by one, but none of the sales people here in Holland will let me play with the phone before buying it. I’m really anxious to see what it actually looks like, and what it is like in terms of usability and data consumption, any feedbackon that would be great!

  2. #2 by Brian Collins on July 17, 2006 - 07:05

    Has anyone found a way to make the e61 calendar sync with Google Calendar (instead of Outlook)?

  3. #3 by CubiX on July 18, 2006 - 23:59

    You can use the GCalSync java midlet to sync your phone with gcal on the fly.

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