Mobile devices taken on the road to Duluth

I dropped my trailer and family off on Saturday at one of our camping resorts and then headed out to Duluth, Minnesota for a couple days for business. I packed along the Q1 UMPC, Nokia E61, Nokia N91 (I just received one to test out), and Sony UX50 Micro PC.

I actually used the Q1 to conduct the stability test and plot the curves using the beta Office Pro 2007. I did have some issues with getting the Think Outside Bluetooth keyboard to pair correctly consistently and also no longer have the ability to change screen resolutions. When I tried to reinstall everything after buying the Q1 (wanted to get rid of reviewer’s junk) I didn’t have an external DVD drive and tried to make it work with the CF slot. I think there were things missing though and am in the process of bidding on a Targus external DVD/CD right now and will reinstall and start from scratch again.

I brought the UX50 and after using it for a couple days I am happy I bought the Samsung unit. The UX50 display is just too small for Windows, the keyboard is a bit too wide, and there is no Tablet PC OS installed. Also Sony loaded lots of junk on the device, whereas the Samsung Q1 has a very minimal amount of 3rd party and proprietary apps loaded on it. The UX50 is definitely a piece of quality hardware, but it is not for me personally.

The E61 worked well, of course, but I couldn’t get any T-Mobile data to work. A couple of times it seemed to work and my email got through, but it was sporadic and mysterious as to why that worked.

The N91 was awesome for listening to podcasts on the airplane and I’ll chat a bit more about that later.

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