It seems like most everything I read online knocks down the UMPC devices, but after using one now for about a month or so I am extremely pleased with it and have NO regrets about the purchase. I have taken it on two business trips with it being the only PC I used for getting work done and entertainment.

I have seen some posts on jkOnTheRun and the Origami Project with thoughts about what people like and dislike so I would like to post some of my own.


  • Awesome portable media center with very good stereo speakers. I use WMP and also iTunes and really like the AVS Now feature.
  • Portable slate tablet at a good price
  • Great in-car GPS system I use with Streets & Trips 2006 and my Bluetooth GPS
  • Very light and easy to carry on flights
  • Integrated stand is a great bonus I use every day
  • Nice to have integrated CF slot. I bought a SD to CF adapter too to use with my camera and other devices
  • Nice bright display
  • Good quality WiFi radio that picks up a ton of access points
  • High quality mics for Skype use


  • Short battery life. I am using the Battery Geek Portable Power Station to help with this though.
  • Some Bluetooth issues. I am going to restore it as soon as the Targus DVD I bought arrives from ebay.
  • Navigational pad is junk with the 10 pixel or so jagged movement. A mouse/trackpad thing like the UX50 has would be perfect
  • Display resolution should be higher to avoid issues with dialog boxes. I also lost the ability to switch after I tried to restore using a CF card and hope to fix this soon too

Overall I am very happy with the Q1 and am using it for almost everything.

Sent from my Nokia E61

  1. #1 by Biomagic on July 2, 2006 - 06:37

    What GPS unit do you get work ? I tried two USB versions and they didn’t.


  1. UMPC News : UMPC and Small Form Factor News: July 1, 2006
  2. UMPC and Small Form Factor News: July 1, 2006 - Pocket.Net - Mobile 2.0

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